Relocation Services

Professional Corporate Relocation Services are essential to recruiting and retaining quality team members. We understand the difficulties you face when you ask employees and recruits to relocate. Concerns about how a spouse or partners’ career will be affected by a move, the needs of family members and the fear of being without support in a strange location are common reasons why employees and recruits reject offers involving relocation.

Zigona Relocation Services offers cost-effective solutions to these and countless other relocation issues. Our professional services cover all aspects of relocations, minimizing the disruptions caused by domestic and international relocation. As a result, employees are less stressed and more productive in their new environment. You cannot afford to jeopardize your most valuable asset – your employees – because of resistance to relocation.

Zigona Relocation Services provides corporate relocation solutions to you, your employees, recruits and their families. Our relocation services include:

  • Destination Services Worldwide – helps ease the transition for the entire family relocating to a new community including Orientation, Home and school finding and Settling-In services. We also help place children in the best international schools.
  • Global Family Relocation Resource Services- addressing all areas of global relocation – from Dual-Career Assistance Services for professional spouses and partners to complete Destination Services for the entire family.
  • We also provide trained domestic help and professional cooks.

Don’t lose another valuable employee or promising recruit because of relocation! Partnering with Zigona Relocation Services to meet your employees’ corporate relocation needs will promote a stable, family-friendly climate in your organization. You’ll reap the benefits in employee productivity and loyalty, qualities that are critical to every successful organization.

Turn to the relocation specialists at Zigona Travel for real world corporate relocation solutions.

Host Country Destination Services include:

  • Home Finding and Rental Assistance
  • Settling-In Services and Area Orientation
  • Tenancy Management
  • Temporary Living Assistance
  • Career and Family Assistance
  • Household Goods Move Management
  • Intercultural Services
  • Language Training

Value – Added Programs

  • Car Buying
  • Drivers and domestic staff procurement
  • Property Management
  • Assignee Briefing and Policy Counselling

Program Administration

  • Supplier Selection & Management
  • Employee Policy Counselling
  • Departure Services
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Furniture Sale Assistance
  • Closing Services
  • Property Management

For more information or to set up an account, e-mail: [email protected] or call: +234 (0)8033105099