A classy & memorable experience

It’s not often that one gets invited to an event in Monte Carlo – the famed playground of the rich and famous – and we didn’t quite know what to expect as we were neither rich nor famous. Making travel and accommodation arrangements for any trip is difficult at the best of times, but it’s even more of a challenge when you’re going to a popular – and notoriously expensive – European millionaire’s destination during the peak travel season.

We needn’t have been concerned however. Working with Zigona Travel made everything a breeze. We received a cheerful and very informative e-mail from Zigona, presenting us with a range of travel and rooming options to cater for every pocket and family size. Due to an unexpected work-related visit; I had to arrive a day later than my wife and all the other guests, and notified the friendly folks at Zigona Travel at short notice. They went ahead provided separate airport transfers for my wife and I, at no extra cost. Imagine my surprise when a chauffeur-driven Mercedes-Benz limousine transported me from Nice airport to the hotel in Nice. That’s the kind of luxury I could very quickly get used to! The chauffeur was very knowledgeable and gave me an informed guided tour en route to the hotel. Zigona Travel was again flexible with our airport transfer when we decided to stay on in the area to visit Nice for a couple of days after the event, and they drove us all the way to our (much cheaper) hotel in Nice, again at no extra cost.

Monte-Carlo was a real treat and the 50 or so guests who attended the private event were treated like royalty for the three days we were there. Zigona had miraculously secured hard-to-get reservations at famous restaurants and lounges, and we all felt like celebrities as amateur paparazzi, which they provided, snapped away as we walked, all clad in white, to the superlative White Ball. Other hotel guests must have thought we were hip-hop stars or something.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by the meticulous arrangements made by Zigona given their reputation for excellence. Their attention to detail is legendary. They’d organized another memorable event I’d attended in Capri, Italy a few years back at the amazing Capri Palace Hotel. Every last detail was, as usual, carefully taken care of (including speed boat and helicopter transfers to and from the island) and the 60 guests at that event were left to enjoy the luxurious appointments of the island without worrying about anything at all.

If you’re ever thinking of organizing a destination event, and you’d like to minimize the hassles for you and your guests, I can’t think of any other agency that would match Zigona Travel when it comes creating classy memorable experiences that will leave you and your guests feeling like stars. They take away all the anxiety and uncertainty that often come with travel to exotic destinations. I’m looking forward to the next event already…